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Four-day work week threatens to leave millions of workers behind

Interest in the four-day work week is rising yet millions of UK workers are set to miss out on the benefits , according to research from productivity platform , ClickUp . It found that certain careers are more likely to miss out on the promise of working a day less each week for no reduction in pay , while other employment sectors may reap the rewards . Businesses must take action to close these gaps to create equity for workers in the UK .

Those working in education reported the highest levels of pessimism , with 44 % of workers believing it is unrealistic to move to a four-day work week with no reduction in pay . Three other sectors stood out above the national average of 32 %, including those in manufacturing ( 41 %), human resources ( 38 %) and travel ( 37 %).
In contrast , only 17 % of those working in IT and telecoms believe a four-day work week is unrealistic , followed closely by those working in the legal ( 18 %) and creative ( 21 %) industries .
“ There are two key questions businesses need to ask to make sure a four-day work week is realistic for them : can all roles be performed with flexibility that isn ' t detrimental to business performance and how much further can productivity be improved to support the required flexibility ,” said Natasha Wallace , International People Operations Partner at ClickUp .

Cyara resolves common chatbot failures with new testing capabilities

Cyara , a provider of the award-winning Automated Customer

Experience ( CX ) Assurance Platform , has unveiled innovative new chatbot testing features with the latest release of Cyara Botium – a leading one-stop solution for comprehensive , automated chatbot testing and assurance . The release comes just weeks after Cyara announced its acquisition of Botium to solidify its position as a global leader in CX testing and assurance . life cycle . Cyara Botium also addresses the rise in chatbot data breaches by improving general chatbot security , ensuring compliance with Open Web Application Security Project ( OWASP ) security standards . The result : consistent , quality , secure experiences and , for new bots , shortened time to market .
Chatbots continue to experience tremendous growth driven by the meaningful benefits they deliver to businesses and customers alike , but they ’ re also commonly plagued with problems that include misinterpreted customer intent , delayed or disrupted handoffs to live agents and security vulnerabilities . Negative chatbot experiences can have a devastating impact on a brand and result in customer churn .
The disconnect between what chatbots generally promise and what they deliver has created the need for solutions that can efficiently test and monitor the performance of chatbots and conversational AI without overburdening teams . With Cyara Botium ’ s holistic testing approach , brands can improve and continuously test the customer chatbot experience across all channels and platforms in all phases of the chatbot development
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