Intelligent CXO Issue 17 | Page 68

BUSINESS INSIGHTS work . Accept that this is OK and part of the journey . Family will always come first , but as kids get older , making time for your career becomes easier .
The key point to remember is that career growth need not be linear and may instead happen in fits and starts .
3 . Make sure you have a supportive partner
Having the right partner is critical . It is close to impossible for both partners to look to advance their career at the same time ( particularly if children are involved ). But at the same time , women should not always be the one making sacrifices . It goes back to what I discussed about cycles – when you both appreciate the significance of each other ’ s professional life , you can step back and allow the other ’ s career to accelerate , at the right time .
4 . Find your ideal company
The right employer will be an integral part of your ideal journey . Today , we can already see companies starting to compete on employee experience . They realise that a flexible , diverse , inclusive culture is vital to their business goals because these are the cultures that will attract the best talent . So , it will become easier to find companies that support women in all the phases of their lives , from singlehood to marriage , throughout pregnancy and beyond .
When hunting for this model employer , compare diversity records . How many women are in leadership roles in your prospective employer ? Strong female role models are key . How are parents supported and what is the policy on paternity leave ? An equality attitude toward parenting bodes well for women .
Keep the faith
I have been fortunate . Technology companies are leaders on these issues . Diversity is vital in innovation and tech players cannot survive without it . But more and more , industries are following the trend . Competitiveness requires innovation and this requires diversity and inclusion . x
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