Intelligent CXO Issue 16 | Page 7


Two-thirds of staff think work-life balance is more valuable than pay

HR and payroll software provider , CIPHR polled over 1,000 UK workers to find out which job aspects matter most to them . Based on the results , over two-thirds ( 70 % of women and 65 % of men ) see worklife balance – albeit a term that can mean different things to different people – as being more important than their pay and employee benefits combined ( selected by 60 % of women and 57 % of men ).

Having job security and feeling secure about the future of a role or organisation is the third most important consideration for over half of respondents , followed by job satisfaction ( 57 % and 53 % respectively ).
Two-fifths ( 42 %) of employees rank a healthy work environment ( 42 %) within the top five most valuable aspects of a job . This can encompass numerous other factors , such as feeling psychologically and physically safe at work , feeling recognised , appreciated and valued , feeling trusted and included and being listened to .
In contrast , only around a quarter cite career advancement opportunities or job autonomy – the freedom and trust to do a job without being micromanaged – as important priorities ( 25 % and 24 % respectively ).
Job purpose and variety , and learning and development initiatives , are also , surprisingly , even further down the list of importance , selected by just a fifth of workers ( 20 % and 18 % respectively ). And , less than one in 10 ( 9 %) think regular coaching and feedback is an essential element of a job .

C-suite leaders in addressing the toughest cybersecurity challenges

Entrust , a global leader in trusted identities , payments and digital infrastructure , has announced the launch of the Entrust Cybersecurity Institute , which offers insights and education for IT and business leaders charged with securely accelerating business growth . growth ,” said Karen Kaukol , Chief Marketing Office for Entrust . “ The stakes couldn ’ t be higher . So , we ’ ve assembled a team of experts to provide great advice and insight , but also to facilitate connections and discussion among senior leaders across industries worldwide .”

The role of today ’ s senior security and IT leaders has dramatically evolved as they face increasingly complex challenges brought on by an ever-evolving cybersecurity threat landscape .
These leaders have heightened accountability for identifying and responding to vulnerabilities ; bridging the skills gap and adopting cyber-resiliency – all while driving business results and keeping the board of directors apprised of it all . The aim of the Entrust Cybersecurity Institute is to provide resources and expert advice on how to tackle those tough challenges .
“ Cybersecurity is about more than playing defence . It ’ s about delivering the trust and confidence needed for business leaders to focus on driving business
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