Intelligent CXO Issue 16 | Page 21



employee retention , but it ’ s a win / win for both organisations and their frontline employees .

Companies prioritising employee well-being can only be a good thing . Having a good work-life balance is important to most and is something that companies should value . Not only do your employees have work obligations they must fulfil , but also life obligations as well as personal interests . The UK trial of the four-day workweek means that companies are starting to acknowledge this and are shifting towards a work-life balance .

As we see this shift in attitude towards a more flexible working experience , we also see employees wanting more out of their company . Employees want to feel valued and appreciated , as they should . However , for those companies in industries where the four-day workweek isn ’ t possible , they must find ways of letting employees know they are important and listened to .
Communication with frontline employees here is essential and technology has a big role to play in this . Being able to receive feedback from employees and managers is of utmost importance to let your employees know they are heard .
However , businesses that cannot offer a fourday workweek to their employees may be left behind in the race for talent . These companies must find ways to ensure productivity , employee retention , reduction of burnout and improved employee well-being without the four-day workweek initiative .
The solution is offering other employee benefits such as greater flexibility , better training , as well as truly and openly putting a value on their staff – this is what makes the difference to employees .
At WorkJam , we believe that you need a digital frontline workplace in order to answer these challenges . These powerful tools can help employers improve education and employee mobility , and offer greater shift flexibility .
Retention of staff may be difficult for those unable to offer the four-day workweek , as employees may look to those who are cutting down the workweek . However , companies should not underestimate the power of learning and development as a tool for employee retention . Training and gathering new skills is essential to accelerate within their current role or to carry with them in the future .
These benefits will be essential for companies that can ’ t offer a four-day workweek but want to put their employee well-being first while improving employee retention .
Benefits such as shift-bidding for frontline employees , which is a technology that streamlines scheduling processes while meeting all compliance regulations such as contract seniority criteria , allow employees the opportunity to make more money . This not only entices potential new hires and improves
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