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Tell us a bit more about your business and how it started
I started my business Seven Transformation back in 2011 . It ’ s a small business with a global reach . We make a big impact , working with some of the world ’ s largest global organisations – such as Accenture , EY , WPP , RELX Group and private equity funds – to support their toughest challenges – typically when they want to transform their business be that through a merger or acquisition , a new strategy or new operating model or they need to turnaround performance fast .
For example , we helped an FTSE business restructure to take out cost and position for growth , merged a private equity-backed and listed business in different geographic regions and supported a professional services firm on a new operating model for their advisory business .
How has the business grown since it started and how did you ensure growth ?
The business has grown in revenue and profit terms but most importantly in the impact it makes on clients ’ businesses . We ensure continuous growth through :
• Delivering tangible , measurable results .
• Taking on bigger and more complex challenges .
• Building relationships , a strong brand and reputation .
• Not being afraid to walk away if the opportunity isn ’ t quite right .
• Building a network of trusted and high-quality associates to deliver which can scale with the size of the client opportunities .
What ’ s the business ’ approach to management ?
Our approach to management is high impact , low ego with a clientcentric approach driving everything we do . I lead by example and wouldn ’ t ask my team to do anything I wouldn ’ t do myself .
The teams I build are flexible , open , collaborative and innovative where the best ideas arise from working together to solve complex problems . It ’ s important to build diversity into the design so you get the value of multiple perspectives .
Finally , our approach is to create psychological safety where everyone feels they can bring their whole self to work and are not afraid to speak up .
Karen Thomas-Bland , Founder of Seven Transformation – a business transformation consultancy based in London – talks to us about her career so far , her management philosophy and how she equips her staff with the necessary skills and knowledge .
What is your company ’ s vision and goal ?
Our goal is to transform and integrate complex listed and private equitybacked global businesses and help them build transformation muscle so they can take more of the projects in house rather than always turning to a management consulting firm . Our only measure of success is our clients ’ success .

Leading by example

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