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94 % of women in tech believe they are held to a higher standard than their male colleagues

Navisite has unveiled new research that shows women in technology face tougher scrutiny and are often asked to handle administrative duties over their male colleagues . Navisite polled more than 100 women in the technology industry with two-thirds of respondents holding engineering or technical roles within their organisation .

The results show that despite growing conversations about gender equality in tech , women continue to struggle with how they are treated , compensated and valued within their field . Key results include :
• 75 % say they or other women they ' ve worked with have consistently been asked to perform administrative tasks over their male colleagues , including taking notes , getting coffee / tea , ordering refreshments and general meeting prep .
• 74 % feel their opinions have been overlooked or discounted during meetings because of their gender .
" The survey results make it clear that there is still much to be done to support women in the workplace ," said Gina Murphy , President and Chief Transformation Officer at Navisite .
• 94 % feel they are held to a higher standard than their male colleagues .
• 61 % believe they have lost out on a promotion or job opportunity because of their gender .
" While equal pay continues to be an issue , the survey reveals the problem goes much deeper to show how women in tech are being undervalued and experiencing gender inequality on a daily basis . It ' s important to shed light on these situations so organisations can take steps to address them ."
When it came to compensation , 45 % of female respondents feel they are underpaid compared to their male colleagues , with 12 % unsure if they
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