Intelligent CXO Issue 13 | Page 22


We know that positive employee engagement always helps the business to some degree , however , what I think it really boils down to is employee happiness and employee satisfaction .

Often , employees can only achieve ‘ positive engagement ’ if they are truly content with the job they are doing and the company they work for . People generally want to work hard , do well and be recognised for their hard work . Having the environment to do that will only come to benefit the business in the long term .
At Radiant Logic , we have an average employee tenure of six years – which is quite long considering the staffing challenges the cybersecurity industry is facing at the moment . Companies all over the world are having to rethink the ways in which they can retain their employees to ensure their business is run smoothly and operations can still continue .
What is being called ‘ The Great Resignation ’ is a genuine worldwide issue , and nearly seven in 10 companies have reported talent shortages and difficulty hiring , which is a 15-year high .
One of the biggest assets to a company is its people and maintaining good tenure with employees helps to ensure the business can continue its success .
The longer an employee is with a company , the more expertise , experience and knowledge they build , which can only serve to benefit the company . It also builds ownership – we ’ ve found that employees who have been here for a long time feel very invested in the product , the company and the vision . I ’ d say that a major component of employee engagement is making sure that employees feel that their voice is heard and valued , which builds buy-in and adds to tenure . It ’ s a positive cycle that tends to build on itself .
When employees are engaged and feel valued – and encouraged to take time off when needed – attitudes are optimistic , morale is boosted and employees don ’ t feel resentful about having to do the work .
With industries all over the world experiencing shortages of staff , it is so important that we do all we can to retain the ones we do have and ensure they are in an environment to be positive , happy and , therefore , contribute towards a business ’ success .



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