Intelligent CXO Issue 13 | Page 15

TECH TRENDS to be proactive and encouraged to view these are important opportunities to protect both individuals and the wider organisation .
Consequences of not meeting these new needs include decreased productivity ( 35 %) and workers using their devices for work-related matters ( 27 %). Contrastingly , if provided with the right technology , Gen N believes they would be more productive , happier at work , and have a more positive perception of their company .
What ’ s more , with Gen N more tech-savvy , expectations on IT teams have never been higher – while patience has never been lower . Over three-quarters of hybrid workers say they expect tech issues to be resolved in 20 minutes or less , with a further 42 % expecting this in under ten . As IT and tech teams know though , such challenges are far more time consuming than this expectation allows for .
The increased flexibility desired by Gen N also opens businesses up to security risks based on where , when , and how employees log on to their work devices . Hybrid work has shown that it is viable to work anywhere , anytime , and almost anyplace . Worryingly still , over half admit to connecting to a non-password protected public network at least once a week , but only a third consistently think of the security risks in doing so . From this , we can see that employees engage in the same risky behaviours that IT and tech teams have been trying to mitigate for years .
Addressing the needs of Gen N
Although there are risks presented , 61 % of members of Gen N feel more secure working in a hybrid environment than they did working solely remotely during the pandemic . Decision-makers must therefore consider these risks when building their hybrid working policy – www . intelligentcxo . com