Intelligent CXO Issue 07 | Page 72

NEVER BE AFRAID OF FEEDBACK , AS YOUR EMPLOYEES CAN LET YOU KNOW THE PROS AND CONS OF YOUR CURRENT CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT . or B2C and regardless of industry , a good rule of thumb is to increase the marketing budget in equal proportion with revenue growth .
4 . Build your team
Acquiring the right talent starts with entrepreneurs educating themselves . The HR and recruitment industry invests heavily in frameworks and research . It pays to make similar investments in your own HR function and not rely on agencies at the outset . Discovering the right people and onboarding them can be timeconsuming . Conversion rates can be low . However , it makes sense to maintain a sturdy candidate pipeline to ensure you meet staffing targets .
Integrate exercises into the interview process regardless of role and do not forget the simple power of reference checks . In the early days , you will find that you sell the company more than candidates sell themselves . The best options for talent are people who buy into your vision .
5 . Create the right culture
When hiring , alignment with culture is vital , but you need to consider how you build that culture in the first place . Never be afraid of feedback , as your employees can let you know the pros and cons of your current corporate environment . Also remember that you cannot please everybody every time . So do not try . Instead try to build a diverse , inclusive workplace where everyone can feel heard . The ‘ right ’ corporate culture can vary greatly from one organisation to the next . No matter how you choose to define this , it ’ s vital to ensuring the people you hire buy into your organisation ’ s culture .
6 . Grow as a leader
A successful entrepreneur will remain reflective of their own strengths and weaknesses through day-to-day team interactions , feedback and their own ongoing research . There are many mentorship resources in the UAE and beyond . Never be afraid to leave your comfort zone for the sake of education .
Founding a business and making it grow is not easy . But as we often hear , nothing worthwhile ever is .
Entrepreneurs who make it will falter and learn and grow themselves before bringing that progress to their enterprise . If you are one of these , reach out to those who come after you . Share your failures and successes to ensure the next generation can peak more quickly . x
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