Intelligent CXO Issue 03 | Page 45

CXO INSIGHT on helping our clients drive growth . It ’ s how our organisation is structured , it is how our organisation is incented in terms of how they ’ re paid , in terms of driving value impact to our clients using our tools , our data , our technology , our analytics , to help our clients grow .
What is your company ’ s vision and goals ?
Our vision going forward is , in some ways , to take what we ’ ve done for our industry and apply it to others , in related adjacencies , to really drive efficiency in terms of what we call the triangle – manufacturers that make products , retailers or online retailers that sell products and then the media marketing system that helps generate demand for those products . To drive efficiency between each of those three macro industries , and in any given country or economy , is substantial .
What kind of clients and market do you serve ?
Currently we serve three main industries – so CPG , also known as Fast Moving Consumer Goods in other parts of the world , retailers – both brickand-mortar , online and everything in between – click and collect , etc . And then , increasingly , the media ecosystem , so publishers like Google and Facebook to advertisers to agencies . Overall that whole ecosystem of marketing is a third pillar of who we serve .
You just mentioned the bricks-andmortar stores , I imagine this last year , you had to change in different ways because of the pandemic ?
Interestingly enough , our clients did incredibly well last year , with all the pantry stocking and the mad rush to fill your kitchen during the lockdowns , and restaurant dining and other things being closed . We saw a peak in demand for our services tied to helping our manufacturers and helping our retailers really figure out where ’ s the best place to deliver their limited supply , just keeping their factories
running at full steam to get products out the door and shelves stocked and where is best to redirect that product from a supply chain perspective , what size products to make with their constrained factory capacity , because demand spiked so tremendously overall . We interestingly had quite a busy year last year helping our clients basically feed the population in the various countries we operate .
Was that challenging to deal with the increase in demand ?
It was . A lot of our services that normally we would deliver call it weekly or monthly , we got requested to deliver daily – daily out of stock analytics in terms of where ’ s toilet paper out of stock or cereal or beer or whatever product it may have been , and really accelerated our delivery of those capabilities to clients so that they can react quickly , based upon which parts of the given country were in lockdown or had significant cases .


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