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to work for everyone , considering their different preferences and geographical locations . Vance searched for a solution that could help and spoke with colleagues around the business . A key driver was the ability to display information in a variety of different ways , such as a Kanban board , while also ensuring that work and projects could be clearly visually represented with Gantt-style views .
After researching the market , Vance identified Smartsheet as a potential solution – and initial trials quickly showed that the platform was a fantastic fit for the business .
“ We were soon able to realise a host of benefits , from creating a single source for data to more streamlined planning , faster reporting and easier visualisation of tasks ,” said Vance . “ We discovered we could use it in a host of innovative ways , like automating legacy processes and boosting company culture .”
A common source of truth for projects for the specific issue at hand . A flexible platform that can show the same information in different ways , Smartsheet has also improved how the team manages projects .
Smarter , faster reporting
Before Smartsheet , Vance and his colleagues spent a lot of time collating project information and status updates for the key monthly project review meetings . A reliance on manual processes meant the team spent hours gathering historical information in various formats , such as Excel spreadsheets and PDFs . Once they ’ d compiled this data , they had no consistent way of attaching files , adding comments or providing context .
More effective resourcing
Howden ’ s teams are always busy with numerous fast-moving projects . But managing work well isn ’ t just about completing projects quickly and efficiently , so Howden is keen to ensure employees have the time and space they need to thrive .
Vance looked to Smartsheet to ensure everyone could have access to accurate , up-to-date data . The team can now capture and share the same information in the same standardised , consistent ways . Everyone can efficiently interact with the right data on daily calls using tailored solutions
Smartsheet ’ s resource management software , 10,000ft , has proved crucial in giving the team visibility of resource loading , along with the scope to spot if the right people are involved in a project – and if they ’ re going to have adequate time to do the work . This has allowed Howden to work with
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