Intelligent CXO Issue 03 | Page 25


Keeping staffing flexible post-pandemic

The pandemic has forced many companies to take a new approach to working systems and given their employees more flexibility . Scott Erwin , CEO and Founder of HireHand , explains the benefits of keeping staffing flexible postpandemic and the future of workforce management software .

The pandemic has been tough , tough for parents , tough for workers and tougher still for the front line key workers who have seen the country through this unprecedented time .

But have there been any glimmers of positivity in between juggling work , childcare , shifts and our own battles with our mental health ?
One positive outcome from the COVID-19 crisis has been a significant , perhaps overdue shift around working life . The pandemic threw our usual practices into disarray . It has made us more dependent on technology and has accelerated Digital Transformation , highlighting working systems that were really rather archaic and inefficient . www . intelligentcxo . com